Reduce Emergency Response Costs, Optimize Onboard Safety with The Q88 Response Center

Milbros Onboard sets a new standard for vessel assistance with the addition of the Q88 Response Center. The new program coordinates quick response and expert consultation for chemical and medical emergencies onboard. 

Vessels with Milbros Onboard gain access to expert cargo handling, emergency spill response and emergency medical assistance, through one single platform. With Milbros Onboard, vessels are equipped with all of the resources needed to make critical decisions in a safe, efficient economic manner. 

Access to the response center is available to all Milbros Onboard subscribers at no additional charge and all vessels signed up to the service are automatically entered. The world's leading tanker owner and operators trust Milbros Onboard to reduce voyage costs, mitigate exposure to risk and reduce HazMat and medical emergency costs.

Download the Milbros Onboard whitepaper today to learn all the benefits.

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